Monday, June 25, 2012

Parse Error: Syntax error ,unexpected T_VARIABLE on line ...

Possible reason
1)Missing semi colons after a variable of  corresponding fields.

Parse Error: Syntax error ,unexpected $end

Possible reasons
1)Missing closing brace '}'

Parse Error: Syntax error ,unexpected '}'

Possible reasons
1)Forget to add curly braces '{' 
2)Extra closing curly braces '}'

Notice : A session had already been started - ignoring session_start()

Error in session declarations.
Possible reasons
1)Session is already started and you are trying to start it again
  ie, session_start() is called more than once.
2)session.auto_start may be enabled in your php.ini file.
  So if you call session_start() again it will throw an error.
 You can verify this in php.ini file or run a test file which echo phpinfo().

Source Code displayed in the browser

This is a common error happens to beginners.
Possible reasons
1)Apache web server is not started or it is misconfigured
2)Missed to add php tags in the code
3)PHP short tags are not activated in php.ini configuration file

Common Errors In PHP Coding

Hi guys hope you are doing well.
Its being long time there is no new posts in the blog. Today I am publishing some errors which I have gone through.
Happy Coding :)